Academy of AstroPsychology

The Academy of AstroPsychology (AAP) is an online astrology school offering a Diploma in AstroPsychology. While there are no astrology degree programs in the United States, AAP was originally a two-year, accredited Masters Degree program at The Graduate Institute in Connecticut. Its rigorous academic standards establish it as the preeminent school for astrology in the USA.

Students can elect to do any course independently while having the option to participate in weekly online astrology classes. Specializing in the integration of astrology and psychology, students become familiar with astrology as a personality theory, developmental model, and diagnostic-prognostic tool.

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AstroPsychology is a brand of psychological astrology characterized by uncommon rigor, structure, and precision. Firmly grounded in astrology’s 2000-year tradition, it builds on this foundation by incorporating concepts from depth psychology, integral spirituality, and new paradigm sciences. There are many generic astrology courses online, but none with the depth and sophistication of the Academy of AstroPsychology.

The primary value of the program is that it teaches students to speak the language of astrology with maximum precision. In-class interpretive work is supplemented by reading assignments, audio files, and video. For each class, there are quizzes and written exercises to help students master the material. One course unfolds into the next so that participants learn to interpret birthcharts in a progressively more complex manner.

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