Fee per/course is $315. If the First Year is purchased in full (6 courses) the total cost is $1590 (savings of $300). Likewise, the Second Year Program is $315 per/course, or $1590 if paid in full.

Required texts are purchased separately. PayPal and all major credit cards are accepted.

Admission Requirements

No formal requirements beyond a sincere desire to learn.

Enrollment Period

The academic year starts in September with one online astrology class per/week. However, any astrology course online can be purchased and completed on an independent basis at any time. Purchase of a course automatically qualifies you to attend online classes, if you wish.


AP 101 and 201 live classes start the last Tuesday of September. Upon receipt of payment, instructions for getting started will be forwarded immediately.

To Register for a program or course, simply click on its link below.

For questions, call Glenn at 321-610-3670 or email


     First-Year Program: $1590

     Second-Year Program: $1590

First Year Courses

    AP 101: Foundations of AstroPsychology $315

    AP 102: Planets in Signs and Houses $315

    AP 103: Planetary Aspects & Personal Myths $315 

    AP 104: Significators & Dispositors – Horoscope as Evolving Story $315

    AP 105: Psychopathology & Healing in the Horoscope (I) $315

    AP 106: Psychopathology & Healing in the Horoscope (II) $315

Second Year Courses

    AP 201: Revisiting the History of Astrology $315

    AP 202: Prediction & Conscious Evolution (I) $315

    AP 203: Prediction & Conscious Evolution (II) $315

    AP 204: Astrological Counseling Skills (I) $315

    AP 205: Astrological Counseling Skills (II) $315

    AP 206: Synastry & Conscious Relationship $315