Five Advantages to the AAP Program

Five Advantages

  1. Affordable and Flexible: Our twelve 6-week courses are $295 per/course. Although courses are designed to be taken in sequence, students can purchase individual courses in any order and have the option to work independently with me as their personal tutor. All courses include live online classes, which are recorded and archived so students working independently can view them as often as they wish.
  2. Self-consistent, Integrated Program: All the material is seamlessly coordinated so that you’re not learning a contradictory mish-mash of techniques and theories from different teachers. Reading assignments are supplemented by over 100 audio files. Quizzes for each assignment test your skills and provide immediate, automated feedback.
  3. Depth and Sophistication: AAP goes beyond the predictive, event-oriented astrology that typifies most programs. Moving from inner to outer, AstroPsychology reveals the circular feedback relations between subjective and objective reality. This approach is empowering to practitioner and client alike.
  4. Comprehensive and Cross-disciplinary: Not only does our program cover the tradition and history of astrology, it integrates relevant concepts from contemporary psychology and the new sciences. The resulting synthesis is maximally relevant to 21st century human beings.
  5. Systematic, Interactive and Transformative: It is difficult if not impossible to learn astrology from a hodgepodge of books, classes, and audio recordings. To master astrology requires learning a single, integrated system in a methodical, step-by step manner that ideally includes structured assignments, practice exercises, quizzes, and live interactive classes with a trusted instructor. That’s what we do!

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