“I have been ridiculously enthusiastic about this whole experience. I love the structure and organization of the material. I think you are just brilliant. Thank you for all the work you have done to create this incredible system. I feel that a whole new world has opened up to me. I will stop effusing now, but I may jump up and down for a while.” 🙂

~ Heather Murphy

“I am reading your essays and they are brilliant. It’s as though everything now makes sense and has tremendous profundity and purpose. It opens doors of thinking for me that I’ve been waiting forever to go through. I just love it!”

~ Phylis Collier

“Your work is brilliant, and you are an excellent writer! I really have enjoyed all of your very insightful and thought-provoking comments…it is sort of like on-line therapy.”

~ Suzanne Angioli

“Quite frankly, what I have read so far drew me to AstroPsychology almost immediately. The writing is focused, clear, intense, and magnetizing.”

~ Carlynn Williams

“I am blown away by the depth and breadth of your thesis. It is what I’ve been looking for: someone to integrate astrology with the inner and outer world. I am thrilled to be able to study your course and grateful that you have taken the time to be a teacher. It’s just brilliant.”

~ Anne Cantrell

“Your book, Depth Analysis of the Natal Chart, provides an unbelievably vivid, logically organized, beautifully detailed union of Psychology and Astrology. I never even dreamt to receive this kind of knowledge in such a concentrated and well-presented form.”

~ Yelena Chudnovsky

“My partner notices that I am much happier since I have been studying at your academy. I’m very happy that I found your school. I’m having epiphanies on a daily basis while reading and listening to the tapes. This is life-transforming for me on a number of different levels.”

~ Nicolar Raadsma

“I am committed to this system because it is exactly what I have been looking for. Thank you so much for offering this course. To have a teacher who will answer questions is such a gift!”

~ Silvia Sullivan

“You have made astrology accessible to the rigorous mind. Had I not found your work, I would not be studying astrology. Indeed, I find it difficult to even read anyone else on the subject. You are an inspiration.”

~ Jason Kane

“I have learned more in six months of studying with you than I have in 14 years of studying Astrology. I’m not just being flattering, I mean it. I love your mind.”

~ Rebeca Eigen

“I want you to know how impressed I am with your ability to construct a cogent, understandable system. Having studied most personality systems that western psychologists have cooked up, I must say that the sophistication and depth of your astrological model surpass them.”

~ Rick Masters, M.D.

“In all my years of studying astrology, I have never come across something based on such rationality and logic. Your work overwhelms me. I wish I could memorize all you have written. Your approach is fantastic!”

~ Ahmad

“I have only listed to one tape but want to tell you that your work is brilliant. I deeply appreciate the simplicity and clarity of the language and concepts. Your words and focus help me to see things in a new light. Everything is so simply stated, which is very refreshing and helpful at this time.”

~ Valerie Robinson

“Your lectures are as valuable as gold. You are a very profound thinker, which is why you are so unique and a real genius in the field. You have created an interpretive model that is translatable to everyman; yet, is full of feeling and depth.”

~ Jan Van Ysslestyne

“Your work is definitively the best presentation of astrology I have ever read. Before I had lots of information, but it was like pieces of a puzzle that didn’t fit to make a whole. Now, finally, everything is starting to make sense. I feel like wanting to applaud!”

~ Maria Moscoso

I wish every astrologer would take your AAP Diploma program. It is just magnificent! Rudhyar and Idemon would be smiling and saluting saying, “This is the culmination of what we were pointing toward.” I love your stuff, brother, and continue to read your work over and over. It is a beautiful integration of the imaginative and the practical.

~ Brad Kochunas